Guest Blog: Probably the most inspiring thing I have ever received, from a very articulate 16 year old young woman.


548435_4720225293690_391985871_nFrancesca Stocker, responded with a guest post to the article “ You read Heat Magazine . You are not a feminist” (all I can say is watch this space for more writing from her…and thank you)

After reading your recent blog post ‘You read Heat. You are not a feminist.’ I felt a strange connection and I had to jot down my thoughts. I am currently a student who, in the midst of GCSEs, prefers to spend her remaining free hours of the day typing ‘feminism’ into Google and clicking on the links. I refer to this as my “research to broaden my mind”. Yes, I am a young feminist and I am still figuring out all about it. Compared to other articles I have read, your blog posts have offered the right balance between humour and opinion along with a realisation on my behalf.

I guess I just have to come out and admit it: Daily Mail is my guilty secret. I am somehow infatuated in celebrities’ lives for no apparent reason. I can relate to reading of the badly written articles and the endless pictures and I don’t know why I do it. My general opinion in terms of feminism is that we are all entitled to equal opportunities and our gender should not hold us back. I believe that society and the media have corrupted women across the world, forcing them to be something that they are not.

If the previous statements are what I refer to as my current beliefs, then why am I reading about Cheryl Cole and her boyfriend? Actually I’m not even reading, I’m just looking at pictures. Thanks to your blog post, it really brought home to me the fact that I have to practice what I preach. I can’t be going on angry rants to my friends when they cry out for legs just like Barbara Palvin when I am secretly scrolling through the Daily Mail website and mocking Kim’s pregnancy body. Especially when I have my first public exams waiting for me. I just want to slap myself awake and say “Hey! This isn’t what you believe in. Stop it! You have a Chemistry exam to revise/cram for.” So I have officially decided to say NO MORE to the Daily Mail. I vanish that squalor from my sight and will stick to just reading BBC News.

I find that at my current age of 16, it is very difficult to have a conversation with my peers about feminism and you have brought a sliver of light into my life –I apologise for the cheesy metaphor but it is the poet inside of me scrambling out- which now means that I can share my interests with someone.

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