Life Lessons From The Reception Desk

“Oh my god! I’m so bored I can’t bear it. Bare it* Bear? Bare? Oh who gives a shit” I am typing furiously to my colleague, my fellow receptionist who is currently manning the desk at our other office. MSN Messenger is still a thing and takes up 90% of my working day. I wantContinue reading “Life Lessons From The Reception Desk”

Maternity Leave Hack: Plug into Podcasts

I’ve been on maternity leave for six months now and as with most things you’ve never done before, you can have a slightly rose-tinted view of how things are going to be. For me, it’s been magical except for one thing…reading! I envisaged with all the sleeping my baby would be doing (ha…ha…ha) that I’dContinue reading “Maternity Leave Hack: Plug into Podcasts”

Why Is Regional Prejudice Still A Thing?

I’m delivering a presentation at work and 2 minutes in, a colleague randomly shouts, ‘why aye man!’ across the boardroom table.  Everyone laughs. As bizarre as this scenario sounds it wasn’t the first (or last) time it’s happened. As a person with a regional accent, I regularly come across a strange grey area of prejudice that creeps into my day-to-day London lifeContinue reading “Why Is Regional Prejudice Still A Thing?”

Am I Guilty of Not ‘Leaning In’, Just When Society Needed Me to Go the Extra Mile?

I have spent the past seven years in London working my way onto one of the most established women’s magazines in the country, Grazia magazine. But after less than a year, I quit my job and headed back to the North East… jobless. When the idea of leaving was just that, an idea, I beganContinue reading “Am I Guilty of Not ‘Leaning In’, Just When Society Needed Me to Go the Extra Mile?”