Some people are Gay. Get over it!

Has anyone else been watching open mouthed as the London Stonewall Vs Anglican Mainstream gay bus ad debate has been washing its laundry in public?

This is a ludicrous situation, where one side invests hopefully in promoting peace and acceptance of gay people whilst the other uses this very platform to display misinformation reflective of an archaic, uneducated and dangerous belief.

Let me first say, as it’s my blog and hell I have an opinion, that the suggestion that being homosexual is an illness is UTTER SHITE and I was both mortified and genuinely upset by the suggestion.

Ah, that feels better.

I could quite merrily dissect and verbally destroy this viewpoint but I think that because of this debate there are important issues to focus on.

Although this is a terrible thing to for the public to witness, thank god it has.

It has come to light that after years of seemingly achieved tolerance of others sexual preferences, we are now uncovering the reality that there is still a huge prejudice in the UK.

I feel I have been naive in believing that real homophobic beliefs are minimal in society because it doesn’t directly affect me. As I am considered ‘straight’ (doesn’t this word now seem laced with implication?) I perhaps haven’t considered that there are real prejudices in our society that need to be addressed urgently if we are to consider ourselves tolerant and forward thinking.

The thing is sexuality isn’t a thing for us to accept or not. It isn’t something we should be debating. It simply is.

Love manifests itself in many forms and that we accept.

Sexuality is too often attributed to selfish desire and therefore, choice. A choice we can choose not to have.

Now put love and sexuality together and people freak the hell out because they don’t believe both can exist independently (and if they do. they shouldn’t) or that either can be controlled by our want to construct a widespread normality.

Now what is the real fear here? Sex between same sexes (I say ‘same sex’ but is it just gay men that need to be cured? It wouldn’t surprise me if the viewpoint extends further back to a time where lesbians weren’t even acknowledged) or is it the relationships they disagree with? Would we all be able to enjoy each other’s bodies if we promised only to be in hetro, long term relationships?

The only thing we have the right to control is any situation that subjects actual harm onto others. And it is my opinion that sexual pleasure of consenting adults in any human combination whether is for love or pleasure, harms absolutely no one.

So I ask to the people of the Anglican Mainstream, the Daily Mail reporters and anyone else…

Can I love who I choose and have sex with whomever I like, is that OK with you? 

Actually, don’t answer. Because it’s none of your bloody business!


Stonewall says:

Anglican Mainstream says:

Daily Mail say:

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