Are women ever allowed to say they are attractive?


Since Samantha Bricks shock article regarding her own attractiveness, the question ‘Are women ever allowed to say they are attractive?’ has been bouncing from cover to cover across the newsstands.

Before trying to join this debate I want to wave my flag at the question all together.

Saying you are attractive when directly asked is, in my opinion, fine. It’s like looking through every single one of your facebook pictures consecutively. It’s ok to admit to when asked but don’t do it in front of people.

However, setting out to tell people ‘HEY GUYS I’M REALLY FIT!’ is just crass and simply not in keeping with what is considered polite in Britain. Ruthless ambition, self promotion and vanity of either gender are not considered virtuous. They are in fact, quite rightly attributed to the opposing truth of being deeply insecure. The good old advice of ‘if you aren’t confident, fake it until you are’ quickly becomes translucent if over used.

In Samantha Bricks case yes, she was saying she was attractive (as she has done many times in her career) but what made Britain wail was that she claimed that because of her good looks she was a threat to other women.

This then alluded to her stating that her beauty is why she has no female pals.

I simply will not comment on her levels of attractiveness as that only gives fuel to her argument but I will say this…

She said she isn’t a threat to the women she encounters but she writes articles entitled ‘I use my sex appeal to get ahead at work… and so does ANY woman with any sense’ and openly claims that women can be “too ugly for TV”

Oh Samantha. Women don’t like you because you are a constant whirl of needy, acceptance-seeking sadness and you will quite happily knock those around you to get ahead.

This reminds me. My mum, still to this day, applies the following philosophy to everything I do not achieve. If I don’t get a job, someone doesn’t like me or someone goes out of their way to hurt me, she simply says ‘they are just jealous’

This jealous theory is sometimes true but mostly the truth is; I wasn’t good enough, I kicked their chair from beneath their desk or they were selfish psychopaths. Jealousy is not usually a factor but when my mum says it I am comforted by the fact that the negativity around me can be blanketed by an ironic suggestion that it’s actually because I’m brill!

Another Brick-classic article reads ‘I’ll always be that fat girl’ with a sub line claiming ‘Samantha Brick has always obsessed about her weight… all because she was a chubby child’

So… she was fat, she feels like the fat girl even though she isn’t and to cover up her mangled esteem she just shouts ‘YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS!’ Point proven I think.

Many critics have claimed she is a vulnerable woman, shoehorned into a cruel trap by the Daily Mail. Others are pretty miffed asking, ‘GOD! Are we EVER allowed to say we are attractive’

Well yes, we are but we must apply some etiquette. I OBVIOUSLY (see previous blog posts regarding fanny’s) am not the epitome of English decorum but I can still recognize that putting others down to elevate your own esteem, telling other women they are too ugly for TV and reinforcing the risky belief that you should use your boobs to get ahead is pretty ugly.

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