POEM: Hello…I’m from the North.

So you went to University? Well aren’t you proper? I’m surprised your father was a real copper Weren’t your parents pit yackers? Oh don’t take offense You must always laugh when it’s at your expense. It’s fine if you’re poor, You’re still so pretty I bet your upbringing was really shitty. Money doesn’t matter InContinue reading “POEM: Hello…I’m from the North.”

Feminism, Freedom and the Hijab

For many the Hijab is a powerful symbol. Be it a symbol of oppression or religious faith, the Hijab packs a punch. It speaks volumes to a judgmental society who watch on, intrigued. Some claim they use the Hijab to protect their modesty where as others say it is something they are forced to wear.Continue reading “Feminism, Freedom and the Hijab”