How to be a teenage feminist? by Francesca Stocker

I am currently stuck in the teenage years. Yes that’s right, I’m stuck in a bubble of endless dreams and I am part of the “new generation” of tech-saavy, loud-mouth, opinionated fools who are allowed way too much say on the Internet. Isn’t youth such a wonderful thing? However, it seems to be the onlyContinue reading “How to be a teenage feminist? by Francesca Stocker”

People hate it when you are good.

Ever get the feeling that when something is going well or when you have achieved success that utter catastrophe is around the corner? Perhaps it’s because we are battered round the head with ‘what goes up must come down’ theology as though it’s gravity that will inevitably humble us with a reminder that our achievementContinue reading “People hate it when you are good.”

Are senior posts appealing to the women of tomorrow?

Over the last few weeks Britain has been digesting it’s exposure to the realities of the digressing female representation in British Politics. The Counting Women In campaign released a damning report not only revealing decreasing or barely moving stats on women in Politics but touched upon all industries ranging from the Police and the armed forces toContinue reading “Are senior posts appealing to the women of tomorrow?”

Short Story: The Journey

The grey, empty platform looked hostile. Her eyes scanned hurryingly as though her panic would manifest into a person, there to greet her. There was no one. She needed to move, this was her stop. This was her time. “Come on!” she thought “move, you idiot.” Suddenly, in one swift breath she grabbed the bagsContinue reading “Short Story: The Journey”

POEM: Hello…I’m from the North.

So you went to University? Well aren’t you proper? I’m surprised your father was a real copper Weren’t your parents pit yackers? Oh don’t take offense You must always laugh when it’s at your expense. It’s fine if you’re poor, You’re still so pretty I bet your upbringing was really shitty. Money doesn’t matter InContinue reading “POEM: Hello…I’m from the North.”