How to be a Woman?

Whilst killing time in WHSmith’s before boarding the plane to a romantic getaway with the new boyfriend, I somewhat lazily decided to buy a copy of Caitlin Moran’s ‘How To Be A Woman’.  
Three days later on the return plane home I find myself declaring ‘I am growing my arm pit hair and I no longer need to wear a thong to be sexy!’ Poor new boyfriend looks distressed, ‘Why?’ he asks. Raising one eyebrow, I respond with conviction ‘……because Caitlin Moran says so.’ 
Back in the real world and although I can’t quite get to grips with leaving my underarms wild and free, I am certainly rethinking the size of my pants.

In all seriousness, I encourage every Man and Woman to read this book. Not only is it poignant and honest in its unapologetic approach to topics such as sexism, abortion and the female psyche, it broaches these hard to read issues with humour and intelligence. 
Moran is cunning in unleashing her message on to the reader.  She draws you in by simultaneously storytelling, only to then drop in a couple of Germaine Greer quotes and painfully accurate analogies of female behaviour that make you think ‘that Moran, she knows what she’s talking about’. 
Once read, you will be passing it on like you were giving someone their first Terry’s Chocolate orange at Christmas, looking to the receiver with that knowing smile that says ‘trust me, this is going to be good’.
Still not sure if the book that is categorised as ‘HUMOUR/FEMINISM’ by its publishing company is for you? It might be a very niche topic for such a mainstream novel but if you need convincing, follow her on twitter.
For me she could write about anything and I’d be the first in line to read it. Her own twitter tag line sums it up perfectly ‘A woman, yes, but still funny’ @caitlinmoran.

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