Why Is Regional Prejudice Still A Thing?

I’m delivering a presentation at work and 2 minutes in, a colleague randomly shouts, ‘why aye man!’ across the boardroom table.  Everyone laughs. As bizarre as this scenario sounds it wasn’t the first (or last) time it’s happened. As a person with a regional accent, I regularly come across a strange grey area of prejudice that creeps into my day-to-day London lifeContinue reading “Why Is Regional Prejudice Still A Thing?”

The ‘Disney Princess’ night.

“She writes a Feminist blog you know!” My friend is wobbling on her heels and looking at me like a proud mother. Our eyes meet as I smile warmly at her and do my best “acknowledge this as true but let the moment pass” The 40 something year old man nods at me and handsContinue reading “The ‘Disney Princess’ night.”

Everyone is talking about rape and abortions

The recent comments from politicians and public figures regarding rape and abortion make me both theatrically furious and TERRIFIED. On the one hand we have a surge of anti-abortion groups, such as abort67, popping up outside abortion clinics from Stratford to Brighton then on the other we have US politician Todd Akin publically claiming thatContinue reading “Everyone is talking about rape and abortions”

Are skyscraper heels the 21st Century corset?

I’m nearly 6ft tall. For a woman that’s rather sizeable. My taller than average height means I’m towering above most folk. Heels you would think would be an unnecessary conundrum for me but alas, like every woman, they are. Heels make me look good. Height suits my frame. What’s more, I like the stature itContinue reading “Are skyscraper heels the 21st Century corset?”