London Town…2

The first blog I ever wrote was about just that. London Town.

Since that first post 2.5 years ago London has become my second home.

Fortunately for me, many of my friends have ended up here and although there have been some hard times. (Uncovering my vile ex boyfriend’s preference for sexting every woman in a 2mile radius, living in a studio flat and working in the dingiest, windowless, room of a hospital scheduling appointments for cancer patients.) I have since had the best year of my life and what’s more, learnt a lot more about London town.

I have come a long way since that first blog post sat at my office desk thinking WHY AM I HERE? Therefore I feel it is my obligation to share my 2 years of wisdom.

Here is what I have learnt about London in 2011:

·         The South is nicer than the North but the North is more fun.

·         There is a possibility you will be mugged at any moment so do not make calls on your iPhone whilst emailing on your blackberry. You look like a Wanker and deserve a reminder by being publically attacked.

·         If a young man gives up his seat for you on the tube he is probably Prince Charming therefore it’s highly advisable that you marry him. Instantly.

·         When people describe themselves or their style as ‘Shoreditch’ you should run. Fast. The ‘Shoreditch’ gang are quite often very middleclass and are searching to live out their social rebellion they weren’t allowed to express as teenagers.  CRINGE.

·         Shoreditch is cool.

·         You will either be underpaid or overpaid. You will never get what you deserve.

·         You can buy London memorabilia at 4am on Oxford Street.

·         Walking along Southbank is a great date.

·         Living with mice is something you must accept. Do not invest in a cat to ‘scare’ them away.

·         Cats stink.

·         You can turn any situation in to an opportunity if you have the right attitude.

·         No one cares if you cry on the packed 6pm tube. Equally flying into a solitary rage in the middle of the street is accepted nay encouraged.

·         You will feel a lot of things about the Big Smoke but you will never, ever feel bored.

·       London is the best city in the world to just be you.





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