Am I a Feminist or total hypocrite?

I’m worried I’m the latter. Looking into the third wave of feminism I can see that I too have become subject to the over sexualized culture we have created. Thus coming a full circle since the waves before us.

I’m being honest and in all honesty, I judge me. I call myself a feminist yet sometimes when I walk past yobs shouting out sexist comments in the street I drop my hip, smile coyly and enjoy it. I’ve had a Brazilian since I was 13 and if there is a pole within half a mile, I’m going to dance on it.

The truth is that instead of being liberated through our minds, body and spirit we have focused on demonstrating our ‘freedom’ purely through sex.

In a society where the mainstream opinion of prostitution is that it’s a Woman’s ‘choice’ and that porn is liberating I am seriously starting to question whether we have fallen into a trap blindfolded by our bid for sexual freedom.

With porn available at the fingertips of a 10 year old it’s no wonder our sexual norms have become more and more extreme. The expectations of young people has lead us down a path where young girls are SERIOUSLY concerned about the size of their labia and we are replacing the Jane Fonda work out with a pole dancing class.

Is it any wonder I ask, that people are taking MP Nadine Dorries bid to teach ABSTINENCE to GIRLS ONLY seriously? I mean this is just a panicked response to the points I raised above and don’t get me wrong I’ll be at the protest on the 20th of January ( we are obviously in a state of extremes.

An abstinence education bill is like suggesting a relevant rape prevention tactic is to force women to wear burkas. Are we actually going back in time?

Our little ones are thrusting about like the cast of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and our response is not to see that we are failing our children but to quickly teach them all to remain abstinent until marriage. REMEMBER KIDS, SEX IS BAD!!

If rape or teenage pregnancy is a concern, lets put in the effort in to tackle those contributing issues that CAUSE these concerns not just pave over them with a sex ban.

This ties in to every Feminist issue. Lets admit we got it wrong and instead of seeking sexual freedom we have told our children that to be sexually liberated means to become botoxed, small labia-ed, pole-dancing prostitutes.

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