Madonna is too old.

And other such ridiculous comments that have emerged from the mouths of many since Madonna’s recent performance at the Super Bowl.

Listening to these comments made me wonder; this 50 year old person is a powerhouse of a human yet she is CONSTANTLY criticized for being too raunchy, too revealing, too controversial and now? too old.

I have to say I don’t think Madonna is too concerned with these critics but what unsettles me is that the route of these comments are simply because she’s a Woman.

Does anyone criticize Sting for being ‘old’ or ‘too raunchy’ because he bangs on (excuse the pun) about his tantric sex life? No.

Maybe people just don’t like her, clearly she can never be described as ‘warm’ but I don’t want her to be my mother I want her to be MADONNA.

Perhaps it was her choice of outfit? Well as you can see below I think at any one time, apart from her head, she had about 3 inches of skin on show. Slut

Sadly I conclude that its simply because she is an older woman

I’m not saying ageism is an issue concerning women only but if you are certified old AND a women it’s society’s double whammy of disgust.

Still in doubt?

Give the magazine stands a quick scan in your local newsagents and do a quick comparison of the men and women of the front over. The women on show are typically below 35 in full length shots wearing not very much and photoshoped beyond human recognition (even on women’s magazines). The men however all seem to be between 30-55 with shots of their faces, close ups of their wrinkles and pores with a expression that says something meaningful rather than ‘ I’m fun and flirty with DOUBLE F’s’.

All I have to say to those ageist, sexist critics is; LONG LIVE MADONNA!

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