Why I don’t weigh myself.

I bet you have pondered this question many a time. Why does Holly Peacock not weigh herself? Where are her scales, is she MAD?

Well I’ll tell you.

I can’t think of ONE positive reason to own scales.  

Scales end up becoming an unsustainable tool we use to measure our self worth unrealistically with outrageous conclusions. Much of which is based on weighing yourself before and after you have a Poo and congratulating yourself on the achievement of getting rid of half pound through such effort.

It’s been pointed out by many women that they only weigh themselves when they are unhappy. This then leads to insane behavior where we attempt to control everything in our day to day life. How many steps do I have to take to burn off my cereal? How many calories are in a green tea? Suddenly all normal perspective is lost.

This seems crazy but it’s true and impossible to ignore. It’s then only fuelled by diet products saturating the food market encouraging impressionable people to opt for what I like to call ‘Non foods’. Basically these are diet products laced with chemicals and “food replacement” ….shall we say…..supplements?

I AM AN IMPRESSIONABLE PERSON. I realised this over Christmas when my sister told me margarine is actually black before it is coloured to replicate butter. *vomits in mouth*

Weighing ourselves is one of the many things we do and don’t actually THINK about why.

In my opinion those of us not morbidly obese shouldn’t really care what the scales say.

Have you ever heard either sex describe anyone in any of the following ways?

‘Wow he/she is so LIGHT’

‘Look at that 6 and a half stone adult don’t they look GREAT?’


There is a reason. In fact there are many.

If you plan on dieting in an effort to be healthier surely eating healthy foods and endorphins from exercise will make you feel better? Perhaps you’re carrying a bit of extra holiday weight and when you remove your fav jeans you are imprinted with what I like to call ‘flesh jeggings’. If that’s the case then forget the diet products and calorie counter on the treadmill and go for a run, play sport or DANCE!

Any measure of success solely based on calories burnt/consumed is totally boring, all consuming and shit.

Conclusion? We should simply move more, eat real butter and the only thing we should be concerned about burning is diet coke and SCALES!

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