’s a girl thing!

Science? It’s a girl thing.

I’ve been trying to ignore it but every time I hear anything to do with the new EU commissioned pop-esk video ‘Science: it’s a Girl Thing’ I poke myself in the eye.

Eye-poking seems to be a way of my inner feminist ensuring I don’t get sucked in by the lipsticks and pretty colours. Self aversion-therapy, if you will.

Though it may be well intentioned I can’t quite comprehend why they took the ‘girl thing’ so far?

The website font is written in lipstick, the video is all about sparkle with ‘girls’ (they look about 25) in short skirts mimicking a Barry M commercial.

What dumbfounds me is that there was clearly a point in the creative meeting when someone suggested ‘hey guys, why don’t we just tell young women they can make make-up whilst looking REALLY sexy? Then they will bloody love science!’

It is at THIS POINT that surely someone should have coughed slightly and then slapped said suggestor around the face coupled with a reminder that this is not the 1950’s.

Alas, this didn’t happen. Now we are faced with a new message to young women that we want them to get involved with science. But probs only for L’Oreal.

What’s next?

I am now eagerly awaiting the FA to release their video encouraging women to take up football. Obviously, in the video the ball will be covered in glitter and the strips will consist of pink miniskirts and matching bikini tops.

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