The ‘Disney Princess’ night.

“She writes a Feminist blog you know!”

My friend is wobbling on her heels and looking at me like a proud mother. Our eyes meet as I smile warmly at her and do my best “acknowledge this as true but let the moment pass” The 40 something year old man nods at me and hands me a glass of expensive pink, sparkly something.

With this revelation now hanging in the air around us I become acutely aware that I am stood at 11pm on a Wednesday evening at the top of Harvey Nichols. I’m sipping champagne thats worth more than I earn in a week supplied by 4 leering/awkward bankers, whilst engaging in bizarre small talk thats made bearable by the yummy bubbles. I loathe myself.

What had started as an impromptu visit to Harrods to appease a friends sheer delight at the Disney Princess window display, was now soon to be ending at the relisation of my very un-feminist, but very Disney Princess, behaviour. I also became aware that I was now the only non single one of my friends in this hilarious situation which seemed to have just “happened”

I quickly check my phone and realise its been out of battery for 2 hours. Oops.

Polishing off the champagne (obvs) I whisper to my friend “I’m gunna go, pay for my part of the bill and i’ll transfer you it tomorrow” I shake hands with the bankers and start the journey home far too drunk for the number 73 ( which manifests in my face conveniently DINGING the bell halfway home)

I crawl into bed at midnight and plug in my phone to charge. My boyfriend stirs next to me. YES he is awake. This excites me as I have an interesting story for him..

“Babe, I think I met a famous Brazilian politician. He’s a democrat or something (I mean diplomat) who was with these bankers. It was weird. I kept his card so we can Google him…”

*Pause for a moment to shake your head at my lack of judgement thinking that this was appropriate*

Boyfriend sighs and says “..pass me the iPad then” Best boyfriend ever award. He would have been kicked in the shins HARD if he’d have done the same.

After satisfying my nosiness I turn over to sleep but get a text from my friend “no need to pay me for dinner and drinks. Bankers picked up our bill when they left”

Chuckling, I eventually go to sleep amused, relieved (who did I think I was splashing out at Harvey Nics on a WEDNESDAY) and generally ashamed.

In the morning I find a sole shoe on the doormat outside and one on the staircase. I’m SUCH a Disney Princess.

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