Are women ever allowed to say they are attractive?

  Since Samantha Bricks shock article regarding her own attractiveness, the question ‘Are women ever allowed to say they are attractive?’ has been bouncing from cover to cover across the newsstands. Before trying to join this debate I want to wave my flag at the question all together. Saying you are attractive when directly askedContinue reading “Are women ever allowed to say they are attractive?”

Some people are Gay. Get over it!

Has anyone else been watching open mouthed as the London Stonewall Vs Anglican Mainstream gay bus ad debate has been washing its laundry in public? This is a ludicrous situation, where one side invests hopefully in promoting peace and acceptance of gay people whilst the other uses this very platform to display misinformation reflective ofContinue reading “Some people are Gay. Get over it!”

London gangs and girls

The growing statistics in gang related crime in London has finally shone a light on the abuse girls suffer as a result of gang association. Last month, BBC News London reported that the government has pledged £1.2m to help girls who are raped and assaulted by male gang members. Speaking to the BBC, Equalities MinisterContinue reading “London gangs and girls”

In good COMPANY with David Cameron and Theresa May.

Here I am (third from the right) at Number 10. I was fortunate enough to be invited along to Downing Street by the features team at COMPANY magazine. We were there to discuss COMPANY’s ongoing campaign ‘get home safely’. The magazine has taken this campaign to new political heights by demanding that something be doneContinue reading “In good COMPANY with David Cameron and Theresa May.”