Just an average walk home…

I’m average. I joyfully bask in my mediocre-ness. Perhaps, this is why I think this might be an interesting question to ask.  Here is the walk home I have just experienced, is this normal? I walk along laughing with my friend. We say our goodbyes, and I head home. Instantly, I’m assessing my walk home,Continue reading “Just an average walk home…”

Verity Johnson: Australia, the lucky country?

In light of Tony Abbott’s elect Guest Blogger ,Verity Johnson, asks the question, is Australia a woman loving country? When I moved to Australia I was loaded down when I came through customs. I was carrying enough Marmite to paint the Taj Mahal brown and yeasty. I was also carrying my teddy. Yeah, who’s independent? But theContinue reading “Verity Johnson: Australia, the lucky country?”

London Town

Being brought up in Durham I am used to the ever so friendly spirits of Northern people. I have recently moved to London and my day is now filled with shocking revelations from the Big Smoke’s residents. Bearing in mind I was brought up in a world where saying ‘Good Morning!’ to strangers is theContinue reading “London Town”