Am I Guilty of Not ‘Leaning In’, Just When Society Needed Me to Go the Extra Mile?

I have spent the past seven years in London working my way onto one of the most established women’s magazines in the country, Grazia magazine. But after less than a year, I quit my job and headed back to the North East… jobless. When the idea of leaving was just that, an idea, I beganContinue reading “Am I Guilty of Not ‘Leaning In’, Just When Society Needed Me to Go the Extra Mile?”

Why did Nigella put up with this?

….asked one magazine this week. “Is she leaving him?” quizzed another. In light of the recent Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi abuse case all eyes and questions have turned to Nigella. These questions aren’t uncommon. The world winces at such high profile cases and we find ourselves asking; why does ‘she’ stay? Why is ‘she’Continue reading “Why did Nigella put up with this?”

How to be a teenage feminist? by Francesca Stocker

I am currently stuck in the teenage years. Yes that’s right, I’m stuck in a bubble of endless dreams and I am part of the “new generation” of tech-saavy, loud-mouth, opinionated fools who are allowed way too much say on the Internet. Isn’t youth such a wonderful thing? However, it seems to be the onlyContinue reading “How to be a teenage feminist? by Francesca Stocker”

POEM: Hello…I’m from the North.

So you went to University? Well aren’t you proper? I’m surprised your father was a real copper Weren’t your parents pit yackers? Oh don’t take offense You must always laugh when it’s at your expense. It’s fine if you’re poor, You’re still so pretty I bet your upbringing was really shitty. Money doesn’t matter InContinue reading “POEM: Hello…I’m from the North.”