Why did Nigella put up with this?

….asked one magazine this week. “Is she leaving him?” quizzed another. In light of the recent Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi abuse case all eyes and questions have turned to Nigella. These questions aren’t uncommon. The world winces at such high profile cases and we find ourselves asking; why does ‘she’ stay? Why is ‘she’Continue reading “Why did Nigella put up with this?”

Nigella and Charles. Would you have intervened?

A friend of mine alerted me to the images of Nigella Lawson being abused by her husband Charles Saatchi in a restaurant last week. My friend exclaimed ‘Why didn’t anyone do anything? If this was in a professional environment, two men or two women then there would have been intervention but because its domestic everyoneContinue reading “Nigella and Charles. Would you have intervened?”

I feel sorry for Chris Brown. Sssshh!

First published on: http://bit.ly/15trJKV As a feminist this is probably like shouting ‘YEY the Patriarchy’ but hear me out… Sat on the bus one morning reading my Guardian app (see by choice of newspaper I AM a feminist) I read the following article: ‘The Chris Brown iPhone app: resistance is useless’ which discusses the newly developed mobileContinue reading “I feel sorry for Chris Brown. Sssshh!”

Short Story: The Journey

The grey, empty platform looked hostile. Her eyes scanned hurryingly as though her panic would manifest into a person, there to greet her. There was no one. She needed to move, this was her stop. This was her time. “Come on!” she thought “move, you idiot.” Suddenly, in one swift breath she grabbed the bagsContinue reading “Short Story: The Journey”